How To Clean When Moving Out Of Apartments South Charlotte |
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Apartments Of South Charlotte

If you’re ready to move out of apartments south charlotte, it’s important that you take the time to leave the apartment unit in a presentable state

Carpeting In Good Condition

Always check to make sure that you leave the carpeting in good condition. Even if you haven’t thought about keeping while living in apartments South Charlotte

State Of The Walls

Landlords are always going to be looking at the state of the walls. If you’ve stapled or nailed any decor items to the walls​, it’s important that you nails or staples

kitchen cabinet

Check out the kitchen cabinets and make sure to remove food or trash items that may left behind in the cabinet space If your apartment came with a refrigerator

Cleaning And Tidying Up

You’ll notice that moving in is stressful, but cleaning and tidying up a space after you’re ready to leave can be even harder

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Apartments South Charlotte

Do keep in mind that the cleanliness and the overall appearance of the unit does determine whether you can receive your full security deposit back.